GEN-Senegal is a limited liability company, founded by Senegalese (competent and internationally recognized experts) and African consultants, specialized in a wide range of business topics.  

The company has its headquarters in Dakar, Senegal, in Lot 5 Sacré Coeur I. However, it has grown considerably with offices in West Africa (Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Burkina Faso) and Asia (China, Japan, and Malaysia) and the United Arab Emirates.

GEN-Senegal specializes in organizational management courses and training programs, working closely with a network of recognized and accredited schools and universities across Africa, Asia and Europe.

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GEN Senegal offers various services related to business development, mainly for the benefit of multinational companies and large Asian companies seeking to operate in the African market. 

GEN-Senegal has a network of communicators - translators and interpreters - working to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers in order to promote intercontinental trade relations. Our work in Africa, Japan, China, Malaysia and Singapore has enabled our partners to prosper in the business world in a harmonious manner and with significant gains.

Nous assurons un soutien-accompagnement pour le développement de leurs entreprises en recrutant des distributeurs dotés de compétences techniques avérées tout en offrant une assistance linguistique (japonais, chinois, anglais, coréen et swahili).

The company has been working for several years as a senior consultant and strategic partner for several Japanese and Chinese companies and organizations operating in West Africa.

Our Team

Abdoulaye Diané

Abdoulaye Diané

Director of Direction


Tel: +221 78 233 18 18

Email: adiane@gen-senegal.com

Amie Touti Sylla

Amie Touti Sylla

Program Manager


Tel: +221 77 645 83 91

Email: asylla@gen-senegal.com

Ndeye Aby Sene

Ndeye Aby Sene

Program Manager


Tel: +221 77 828 31 47

Email: nasene@gen-senegal.com



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